Why You Need Offsite Data Backup

Having off-site backup plans are an important part of any company’s disaster recovery plan (DRP). Regardless of the size of an organization, off-site data solutions provide portability, flexibility, and economy. Cybersecurity service providers also offer a safety net if your business losses its premise and supports your business continuity.


Off-site data backup today is everything for a company that wants to stay safe online and still enjoy the benefits of email correspondence and telephone communications with their customer and other business associates. If you want to keep your company and customer information private, then you should have an off-site data backup.

To see what a cloud managed services provider Phoenix, AZ business such as Techopia can do for you and the reasons why you need off-site data backup, keep reading.


What is Off-Site Data Backup?


You can look at off-site data backups as copies of your files, data, and system that are saved to an external source. This backup format could be stored on a range of media but what makes them different is how the physical data is stored off-premise, even in other countries sometimes.

Types of off-site data backups include:


Tape Backups


Tape backups have been used for a very long time within the parameters of the enterprise. In most enterprises, managed IT companies are needed because of the high volume of media-rich data they produce. Tape backups are good in terms of long-term storage but they also come with many disadvantages.

These include

  • Being cumbersome and difficult to store
  • Hard to transport and heavy to carry
  • Can get stolen, lost, or destroyed

Cloud managed services provider Phoenix, AZ stores your data securely and provides instan access whenever you want.


Cloud Backups


Cloud backups are like mirrors to your company’s data in the cloud and are stored safely until you need access. Top cybersecurity companies Phoenix, AZ are among the most user-friendly, highly available, and cost-effective means to control off-site data backups.

Your data get digitally stored in the cloud and the cloud service provider takes care of all of your storage systems as well as your capacity and security; therefore, saving your company on added IT expertise. With cloud backup, if your business lost its premise, restoration is fast and easy with cloud data backup.


Hybrid Cloud Backups


Hybrid cloud backups work by combining the benefits of cloud and local backups. Since neither method is flawless on its own, combined, they form a union that minimizes risk and optimizes security. Data is then saved to an on-premise disc and replicated to the cloud.

Many times hybrid backups involve having a remote server in different locations, even countries. When disasters strike, you can retrieve the data from the locations in which they are located but you could lose your access to those copies as well.

With top cybersecurity companies Phoenix, AZ services at Techtopia, natural disasters or a system malfunction can give your company remote access to your data without having to track down the data servers. Off-site data backup with cloud-based services, make protecting your data secure and safe.


Benefits of Off-Site Data Backup


Off-site data backups with managed IT companies have many benefits when used with data solutions and cloud storage. Top cybersecurity companies Phoenix, AZ like Techtopia are highly-trained professionals that implement the best cloud storage solutions, leaving you worry-free and safe from data breaches or cyberattacks.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Disaster Recovery: Most businesses use off-site backup plans to protect their data from man-made or natural disasters. These backup solutions guarantee that your backup data remains safe during natural disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, or fires, even if the building is a total loss.
  • Cybersecurity: Since local backups are prone to cyberattacks from malware, many organizations get a ransomware attack, and their on-site backups and production data can be compromised. Since some off-site backup solutions can be disconnected from the main network, having a cloud-based storage solution solves that problem.
  • Cost Reduction: Cloud service providers make backing up your data less expensive as opposed to maintaining an on-premise backup. Cloud-based storage eliminates the need for expensive software and hardware and frees up existing IT resources.
  • Access Data Anywhere: By using cloud storage, you can access your data from your office, remotely, or from anywhere there’s an internet connection. This adds peace of mind knowing that you can access your data and know it’s safe as Fort Knox.

As you can see there are many benefits to having managed IT companies to store your off-site data backup solutions. Additionally, you also get the best cybersecurity practices with a cloud service provider because the often deploy cybersecurity experts on your behalf, giving you the best off-site data protection plans currently available.


Partnering With Top Cybersecurity Companies Phoenix, AZ


While there are several cybersecurity companies in Phoenix, Arizona, Techtopia is the one that stands above the rest. Here at Techtopia, we provide off-site data backup plans that are less expensive than purchasing additional software or hardware to keep your files and data safe.

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