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Network bandwidth determines the speed at which internet-based tasks are done. It is the way in which the network distribution is structured that determines the areas of priority. If the bandwidth is not managed and well-distributed, key features will all lay a claim on the infrastructure affecting service delivery.

Managed bandwidth helps improve and streamline networking and as a result, offers smooth running of the business. The available bandwidth is relied upon by collaboration tools, mobility services, telephony services, and other uses. These factors affect WAN performance and may lead to the complete failure of essential services.

On top of all these needs, connections suffer from downtimes. Latencies and such bottlenecks can significantly affect connectivity and slow the network. Keep reading to learn more about SD-WAN management.

SD-Wan / Bandwidth Service Solutions

What is Managed SD-WAN?

Managed SD-WAN is where the bandwidth of the internet connection is controlled for efficient functioning. Think of the bandwidth as a collection of professional players. Although they all serve different purposes in the game, they can not function well without a head coach.

The SD-WAN management team helps the system to function properly by allocating bandwidth, prioritizing key functions, and controlling the speeds of the connection. Close monitoring of the connection is also part of the SD-WAN management process. For all factors of the IT department to work well, management is necessary.

How Does Managed-SD Work?

There are two ways in which IT-managed solutions enterprises work. On one hand, there is the manual monitoring of data transmission from source to endpoints. In this type of management, assigned agents have to keep tabs on the management of data flow. This is an outdated method of Managed SD.

In the modern world, hi-tech companies such as Techtopia rely on AI applications to manage the bandwidth. The application routing approach assigns bandwidth based on the priority of the tasks to be completed. The application helps in routing data to the right path to avoid a situation where inefficiency affects service delivery.

Features and Benefits of Managed SD-WAN Bandwidth

Managed SD-WAN management brings many benefits to SMBs. Apart from the fact that managing data distribution enhances productivity, there are other benefits including cost-cutting. Those who use managed SD-WAN services can attest to the fact that it is a process that offers value for money.

Below are the features of Techtopia’s managed SD-WAN services:


Since Techtopia managed bandwidth services are carried out by AI applications, the process is automated. There is no need of having an IT expert constantly checking the connection or trying to route data. The application automatically determines data needs and distributes the available bandwidth automatically.

The beauty of this approach is that businesses can determine the exact bandwidth needed to run all the available processes. In case of downtime, the application automatically shifts focus to essential services. For instance, while the connection might be low, telephony services are always retained due to their critical role.


One of the main reasons why managed SD-WAN services are important is that they increase efficiency. It can be so frustrating when customers make calls just to realize that the line keeps on hanging due to poor connection. These are problems that can turn off even the most loyal of all customers.

To get rid of such inefficiencies, it is recommended to have a dedicated team monitoring the connection. With the automatic applications that route data, the critical services are supported for ultimate efficiency. The IT department can help define the efficiencies of the work and promote healthy production.


Innovation is key to Techtopia operations. The innovations used in the protection of data and proper routing are constantly developing. The AI systems used in routing data are on a constant learning curve, helping the system understand its needs better. 

When choosing a managed SD-WAN services provider, check to ensure that the service provider is innovative. The innovative nature of the service provider guarantees quality. At the end of the day, the system learns and provides the best results.

Improved Security

Security is a vital factor that must be looked at in a critical manner. The security of the system ensures that data is protected. End-to-end encryption protects data from attacks and provides smooth running of the business. When we talk about security, it entails data protection of the highest order.

The automated security checks ensure that vital areas of the IT system prevent infiltration by external parties. Further, the system enhances the functioning of the vital areas that could be threatened by viruses.

Why Select Managed SD-Wan / Bandwidth?

Choosing managed SD-WAN services is a great way of improving the quality of services offered. Data packets are managed and delivered more efficiently. Communication is streamlined offering both employees and customers a good experience. For this reason, SMBs should strive to use managed bandwidth services.

The Benefits of using managed bandwidth include:

Peace of Mind

The main reason why anyone should use managed bandwidth services is that it offers peace of mind. Managers of all businesses do not have to worry about the quality of calls or the internet speed as long as there are dedicated managers. The IT team will worry about the routing of data while the management focuses on the important factors.

Cost Cutting

The most important aspect of having SD-WAN services managed centrally is that it leads to long-term cost-cutting. Inefficient services are more costly in the long run. Without managing bandwidth, regular poor services may lead to loss of valuable productive time and clients.

Why Choose Techtopia Managed SD-WAN Services?

There are many companies out there that offer managed SD-WAN services. Unfortunately, not many service providers can live up to their word. The challenge of dealing with unreliable service providers is something you will never have to worry about when dealing with Techtopia.

At Techtopia, Phoenix AZ, we guarantee the best networking solutions to all our clients. Thanks to our automated applications, all the essential services will be kept running even during downtimes. For more information about our services, please fill our contact form and we will get back to you.