Managed EDR

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response Service

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response Service

Since most of the cyber attacks manifest on an endpoint, organizations must deploy top-notch protection and detection tools across their endpoint to shield them against all the cyber attacks. At large, many US and global companies get hacked and held for ransom and end up paying significant amounts of money to cybercriminals.

This is where a managed EDR service can help by providing an integrated security solution combined with analysis and response capabilities that will monitor and detect threats in real time. 

The EDR tool is the evolution of Anti-virus software, providing advanced protection, detection, and monitoring using IOCs or indicators of compromise signatures, and its behavioral analytics. 

Since relying on anti-virus software is no more helpful, and leaves organizations vulnerable to sophisticated cyber attacks, it’s important to integrate with EDR to enhance the protection.

How Can We Help?

Early detection of cyber threats that are targeting endpoints is undoubtedly crucial but without having a team of professional security experts to leverage the EDR technology and tools, it’s all in vain. 

A professional security expert from Techtopia is not only well-versed with the latest EDR tools, but also they hunt for threats round the clock, helping your company to stay protected. We also provide expert IT tech and managed services to large corporations and enterprises.

With Techtopia’s managed EDR service, you can meet the following needs: 

Better Protection Against Cyber Threats

Some of the complex threats like a memory-resident malware attack can’t be detected by an antivirus tool. This is why we offer managed EDR service where we prevent any type of sophisticated cyber attacks by using threat intelligence and advanced analytics of EDR tools. 

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Having a professional by your side to protect against all the attacks, leaves your team with plenty of time to focus on more important work. Our managed EDR service increases your endpoint security and provides a solution by skilled experts to reduce the effort and time to respond to such incidents. 

Reduced Complexity

Since all the EDR technologies and tools will be managed by our proficient team members, there’s no need to deal with complex dashboards and manuals. In fact, there’s no need to set up any on-premise infrastructure as well to protect against cyber attacks. 

Techtopia’s managed EDR service can significantly reduce the chances of online attacks, leading to data breaches and other malicious actions. In addition, the detection and response time to these attacks can be reduced by hiring our expert team members. 


In the meantime, your organization stays protected and aims for better growth opportunities.  


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