SD-WAN Consulting

SD-WAN Consulting Service

SD-WAN Consulting Service

SD-WAN or also known as software-defined wide area networking is basically a software application that delivers VPN service from cloud-based locations. SD-WAN offer new enhancements especially for corporate businesses to drive down their operational costs and increase overall network performance. 

Our Stellar SD-WAN Service

Techtopia’s SD-WAN consulting service helps to explore and understand the unique needs of clients and build customized approaches based on that to provide the optimum solution. We maintain a tight and vetted relationship with the industry’s key service providers to bring out the various resources to benefit a business. 

Our Robust Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to superior and robust customer service, there’s no one better qualified than our IT techs and customer service representatives here at Techtopia. We go above the mark of what is standard and ensure that all of our VIP clients are completely satisfied.

Why Should You Switch to SD-WAN?

Since SD-WAN uses a lot of software and less hardware, it delivers top-notch network services to every organization. Apart from that, there are several reasons to make a switch to SD-WAN. 


Here are some of the key reasons to switch to SD-WAN:

Network Redundancy

Network redundancy is often a common problem faced by businesses especially when there’s a high-end program running in the background and hogging the bandwidth. However, with SD-WAN, this shouldn’t be an issue since clients can use two different internet service providers simultaneously that pull bandwidth from both of these to allow you the optimum speed. 

Bandwidth Flexibility

With SD-WAN, network administrators can use any type of bandwidth service without worrying about anything. Whether it’s illustrated cable network, T1, fiber optic network, or wireless network system, anything can be set up for achieving the highest network speed with SD-WAN.

Bandwidth Management

With SD-WAN, one can get the best bandwidth management and save a lot of time programming the firewalls or gateway devices. In fact, SD-WAN also takes full advantage of the bandwidth connection to make sure none of it goes unused. 

In general, a lot of the bandwidth gets unused but it’s not the same with SD-WAN. 

Nevertheless, to ensure SD-WAN works at its fullest capacity and you get the best of its benefits, it’s important to hire a reliable SD-WAN consulting service to make the best decision before setting up everything perfectly. 

This is why Techtopia is here to offer you the experts to help you make an informed decision. For more information about our SD-WAN consulting services work, feel free to call or contact us at any time.


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