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Are you in need of Managed IT services from a managed service provider (MSP)? At, we have developed systems and tools that help employees stay updated on network security matters. is reputable on integrity. Our top-notch Managed IT services are affordable and well-proven. 

Managed IT Services Phoenix Az

The IT department is a crucial part of business in most establishments. Most small and medium enterprises rely on the IT department for smooth running. With almost all businesses needing an internet connection, cloud support, and telephony services, it is necessary to manage IT operations.

Managed IT services are offered by expert IT professionals to help SMBs focus on productivity. Hitches in communication and networking can be quite costly. With centralized management of IT services, businesses are in a position to avoid costly hitches that often lead to service interruptions.

Techtopia managed IT services are made of advanced processes that ensure that the systems keep running at all times. With a multilayered approach, experts detect hitches in a short time. Keep reading to learn more about managed IT services.

What’s Included in Managed IT Services?

The duties carried out by a managed service provider are many. The services provided vary from one provider to another. Some service providers focus on basic options such as regular maintenance and repairs for the system. In some cases, advanced services such as server monitoring are offered.

Among the services offered by the Techtopia team include:

Network management such as testing and monitoring

Network security observation and risk mitigation

Connectivity management and bandwidth control

Data storage and security

Installations management and upgrade overseeing

Software patches suggestion and implementation

Web hosting and server management

Virtual network provision

With such a wide list of services being offered by managed service providers, businesses at all levels can improve service provision, enhance employee productivity, and promote a productive work environment by having a centralized management team.

The Value Managed IT Services Add to Businesses

Managed IT services add value to the business in various ways. When we look at the services offered, it is clear that managed IT services offer value in terms of cost. Businesses do not have to invest plenty of finances into running and maintaining the IT department. The work done by the IT team can be left to the experts. 

The other benefits and services offered by managed IT services companies are:

24 Hour IT Support on a Click of a Button

Both employees and customers will enjoy having a 24 hour dedicated IT management team. In case of a bug or other problem, the IT team can spot the problem and get into action in no time. With expert IT management teams, surveillance is done on a 24-hour basis to detect and deal with any threats.

When a company has support from a highly experienced technical team, calls can be made at any time of the day. As long as employees know who is in charge of the IT service, they do not have to wait for the boss to make the call. A call can be made at any time and the IT team will jump into action.

Maintenance Services Support Phoenix Arizona

The IT infrastructure in most companies gets spoiled before the anticipated time due to poor maintenance. The work of maintaining highly complex systems, programs, and networks cannot be done by basic in-house IT members. This is work that should be handled by industry professionals with years of experience.

To avoid a situation where infrastructure gets too costly, bring on board the managed IT services team. This team will carry out regular checks and maintenance to prevent hardware and software from degradation. Early detection of problems and repair helps cut the cost of acquiring new infrastructure.

Emergency Helpdesk & Support in Phoenix

In case of an emergency, action should be taken to prevent further damage. Businesses lose millions due to emergency situations. In the case of server downtime, there should be an immediate backup. With a dedicated managed IT services team, there are always solutions on the table for every probable problem.

The IT team should have backups for data, extra servers, and other networking solutions that can be implemented in case of an emergency. With 24-hour support available, the losses incurred in case of an emergency are minimized by allowing the experts to act. This is the only way to cut serious losses.

Server Setups and Upgrades

One of the important benefits of having an IT team on standby is that they help cut the cost of server setup and upgrades. The cost of bringing in an IT team to only set up the server can be quite high. In a case where the team is contracted to offer managed IT services, they perform all upgrades at no extra cost.

The common server setup and upgrade, services include: 

  • Replacement of an existing server.
  • Upgrading the available server for better performance.
  • Monitoring of the current server for smooth performance.
  • Regular maintenance of the server to avoid breakdown.

All of these services are usually performed under the same package. When outsourcing managed IT services, there is an option to choose a package. The package chosen should be inclusive of the services needed. If a company wishes to upgrade the package, there are no restrictions.

Firewall and Network Security

In the modern business space, data is more valuable than any other asset. Businesses invest a lot in protecting data and ensuring that valuable digital assets are secure. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are constantly advancing their techniques, and more often than not IT security systems are bridged.

With managed IT services, modern surveillance tools are used to detect any potential attacks. Besides surveillance, attack tests are made to check the resilience of the system to attacks. In case of an attack, the managed IT team is in a position to come in and stop further damage. Attacks are detected early and stopped.

Windows, Mac, and Cloud Servers

Networking and sharing of files is common practice in most businesses. It is no longer possible to run a business without using various software solutions and hardware from different manufacturers. The ability to integrate with different devices and programs is an important factor.

Managed IT services are useful in facilitating the integration of systems and devices. From cloud servers to Windows and Mac, a good IT services provider should make files and services accessible on all devices. This also means that communication platforms and data can be accessed remotely, facilitating work.

WiFi and Network Security

One area of potential risk to all types of businesses is the network and WiFi security. This is an area that has constantly been bridged by cybercriminals. The major cause of the bridge is that WiFi and networks are often shared by many employees. In most cases, it is the employees who turn out to be the weak link.

At Techtopia, we have developed systems and tools that help employees stay updated on network security matters. Drill tests and constant information to employees help protect vital networking resources. Further, regular surveillance is another way of detecting potential threats before they happen.

Full Network Maintenance

When shopping for managed IT services, look at the full package. Full network maintenance goes beyond performing repairs to hardware or simply installing programs. Many small businesses get a raw deal without knowing. Managed IT services entail full network maintenance and coordination.

In essence, full management encompasses all the IT issues that may occur during system setup and after setup. The service provider should be able to provide suggestions, proposals, and advice to the in-house IT team on a regular basis. They should also provide online support and physical support at the office.

What Makes a Great Managed Service Provider Company

There are many factors that can be looked at when choosing the right managed IT services company. These factors may range from the experience of the company to the quality of service offered among others. 

The two key factors to look at are:


At the end of the day, all other factors will not matter unless the services offered are of good quality. The quality of service can be determined by looking at user reviews and talking to the company. A good company offers regular support, has viable support contacts, and replies to customer concerns on time.

Cost and Billing

The second factor to look at is the cost and billing. While the cost should not be a major factor to consider, it should be reasonable. Secondly, the packages available should be flexible. Make sure that the company is transparent and offers all costs involved. Ask questions to avoid having to pay extra fees after choosing a package.

Why Choose Techtopia Managed IT Services

It is a fact that Managed IT services are the way to go for SMBs. It is not only cost-effective but is also an efficient way of ensuring smooth business operations. The problem is that most businesses do not know which company to trust with the management of critical IT operations. Techtopia, Phoenix AZ is not only a proven brand in terms of IT services management but is also a brand that is reputable on integrity. Our top-notch services are affordable and well-proven. For quotes or consultation, fill our contact form here.