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Our Technology Audit takes a holistic approach to your IT needs. Within six tiers of IT, Cyber Security, Managed IT, Cloud, UCaaS/CCaaS, Network Services and Wireless/ Internet of Things we provide the education and visual clarity to the business owner and other stakeholders inside your organisation. We map out your current technology stack. We then create a heat map showing what technologies are missing, redundant or antiquated. Valued at $400 all for free.



IT strategy and excellence is our business.  Our IT consulting experts examine and ensure that your systems are running efficiently and securely.


Internet of Things (IOT)


We are a team of Experts offering White Glove Service in IT Consulting.
We are a comprehensive managed service provider who seek to fully understand your organization and its unique goals. We work hard to empower digital transformation with a custom strategy best suited for your needs by tapping into our extensive IT consulting experience and resources


IT strategy and excellence is our business. Our IT consulting Experts in Phoenix Arizona examine and ensure that your systems are running efficiently and securely. We are the leading IT consulting firm in Phoenix Arizona.

Managed VoIP Phone Support Services

Discovering your options when it comes to phone calls and voice to voice needs in your business has become an IT hot spot, meaning new vendors continue to be presented, and setup processes vary greatly between them all. This makes for an arduous and time consuming selection process. Let us do the work to vet out all your options and present you with only the best selections with our expert guidance in making your selection. We’ll walk you through each feature, functionality and step by step process to help you understand not only your best option and why, but to ensure the right fit for your business needs.


Different companies have different bandwidth requirements, and any successful company desires to have adequate confidence that their bandwidth can manage the needs of their business with a down to the second reliability. Whether it’s your internet, your phone, system or any method of data transfer, you as the consumer have a variety of different conduits for data to travel through at different speeds. Which one do you choose? We can provide you with a customized service provider selection highlighting the key factors to help you make an educated and informed decision. Key factors include outage information, the right technology and speeds, but also we’ll confirm that your bandwidth doesn’t bottleneck anywhere (i.e. your phone, hardware, or WAN networks, etc.) This is one of the key decisions for a business to make as there are many players, many possible breaking points, so the more you know, the faster you can identify and remedy any potential problems. While no solution is foolproof, we provide some of the best case scenarios in our industry.



With our expert services you gain access to our vetted vendors and options that can move you into a progressive solution regarding your specific needs. Leasing hardware is a viable option due to the ability to match the service options you choose. No outdated hardware or software, and upgrades that change as your service needs evolve. Keep out of pocket expenses to a minimum and let us support you in the changes that keep your business current.



Cloud solutions provide the ability to get more done, in more ways, with the most flexibility while supporting needed backup solutions for a myriad of possible hardware or device failure. Being able to work from any location on any devide with access to company data has become a necessity in today’s industry leaders. We help you find the very best of managed services providers that are approachable, loyal and smart. We can direct you to the simple business solution that fits your needs and your budget. An affordable, streamlined approach to maintaining high employee productivity with ease and confidence.



Most of us nowadays own an IOT device. Simply put, it’s a device sending and receiving data through the internet, such as an apple watch, a fitbit, smart scale or an alarm on your home. Most cars use IOT devices now as a standard practice. When you take real world concepts for your business needs, and consider things in your day to day that if tracked and measured could provide invaluable information helping you better understand more about all the touchpoints or process points, what would that be for you? Trying to increase the lifespan or understand why something seems to break consistently? There are options for incredible insight around how IOT can help businesses to change, develop, and grow with less risk and better management.


Security is a necessity for every business. Cyber security is broken up into two pathways, and one is highly preferred over the other. Proactive security allows you to put best practices and standards in place to protect your business, while Reactive mode means you have already been compromised and need a full scale response with comprehensive restorative action. We step into the role providing you an elite lineup of options for customized protection against your most significant virtual threats. We work very hard to first understand your unique needs, and then help you find the best solution within your budget.


IT Strategy and Excellence is our business. Our IT consulting Experts examine and ensure that your systems are running efficiently and securely.
We are an IT consulting company based in Phoenix Az. By assisting our customers with the tools, processes and guidance needed, your short and long term goals are achievable. We’re with you – every step of the way. We are professionals that understand the capacity and processes of our service providers and offer nothing less than exceptional service to our customers. White glove service is available 24/7 and 365 as a lifeline and powerful service for our BLUE customers. Our portfolio of boutique and enterprise product matter experts will provide the needed edge your company needs in each IT direction, decision, or troubleshooting need. We’re equipped to support you as you protect and manage your valuable internal resources that help keep you focused on your core business mission.

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