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When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), Techtopia provides expert consulting to enhance and capture business opportunities driving today’s network-connected devices. We offer IoT consulting services for your software and hardware, create control apps and monitoring, and set up advanced and real-time analytics.

A senior Internet of Things engineer from Techtopia can help manage your entire business and devices that run on Iot applications. Regardless, if you are already experienced in IoT or just starting out, our internet consulting services can help.

Our Internet Of Things Consulting Services

One of the biggest advantages of having a Techtopia Internet of Things developer is flexibility and scalability for your IoT infrastructure.

Here are some key services that a Techtopia Internet of Things manager provides:

Full-Cycle IoT Development

  • Security testing and complete IoT management
  • Implementing user applications to control smart things and generate convenient analytics results.
  • Setting algorithms to send command or control applications to actuators.
  • Constructing a data storage such as a DWH or big lake data.
  • Bridging an IoT gateway to send data collected to a data storage.
  • Placing and installing IoT devices like sensors to monitor the condition of the environment.

IoT Project Planning

  • Identifying project risks such as the resistance of workforce adoption of the new system, emergency project scope expansion, and budget changes.

  • Improvising a data security strategy and deep understanding of the project itinerary. 

  • Defining the knowledge and skill required for project implementation.

  • Estimating the project budget and time.

Data Processing Automation

  • Visualizing data analytics in predefined dashboards and architecting a robust data solution.
  • The development of machine learning models for networks and smart devices.
  • Building and designing big data governance procedures such as security, quality assurance, and big data filtering.
  • The head of Internet of Things at Techtopia automates every step of filtering, analyzing, and collecting data from smart devices.

Hardware IoT Planning

  • Shortlisting two to three reial hardware suppliers.

  • Constructing the list of hardware purchases to the requirements and specifications.

  • Structuring and eliciting hardware requirements by considering the different environment variables such as vibration, light, humidity, temperature, etc.

  • As an Internet of Things developer, we select reliable technicians for hardware IoT components.

  • Preliminary estimations of data volumes that are processed by the IoT solution.

  • Planning the major components of your IoT solution responsible for visualizing, analyzing, and generating data coupled by triggering the response actions in smart things.

  • Describing the primary scope of each component solution like control and user-facing apps, data analytics and warehousing, and smart things solutions.

  • Generating a visual map of the connectivity of IoT applications and components.

  • We provide a basic concept to your company’s IoT solution via real, working prototype.

Strategy Planning and IoT Adoption

  • Describing the value and outlining a specific IoT-enabled solution it brings to your business situation.

  • Discovering reasons for inefficiencies that you notice and detecting them during our investigation such as routine damages of perishables in warehouse environments due to poor temperature control.

  • Conducting a thorough business investigation into your processes, contextes, and organizational hierarchy.

An Internet of Things manager at Techtopia can devise and coordinate IoT solutions into your company’s infrastructure.

Our Internet of Things Consultant Overview

Having a Techtopia Internet of Things consultant provides several new opportunities for your company to design and deliver innovative insights, offerings, and add value to your customers. Our IoT consultants help unlock new possibilities, efficiencies, and revenue streams.

A director of Internet of Things at Techtopia understands that IoT is a fundamental component of digital transformation as smart devices and technology are becoming more mainstream in today’s competitive business world.

Winning the battle with IOT is more than just connecting devices, it’s more about linking your digital journey with your business strategy. Inquire about a Techtopia Internet of Things consultant today and discover how easy all of your Iot solutions can be met.

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