Hardware Support IT Services

For many corporations and large scale businesses running IT hardware and software for networking and management, IT support and system services aren’t always there when you need it. Therefore, a Techtopia hardware networking specialist makes perfect sense.

Industries We Provide Hardware Support IT Services

Dental Care

Medical Centers

Law Firms

Title Companies

Assisted Living Facilities

Retirement Homes

Nursing Homes

Senior Living Care

Keep reading to see what sets our custom IT support services apart from other IT service providers. We are managed IT services experts, hardware support IT professionals, and consulting team based in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Here are some of the benefits of a Techtopia computer hardware engineer:

Managed VoIP Phone Support Services

Techtopia hardware support specialists can help manage your IT services for VoIP phone systems, especially when new vendors are constantly interested in your company. Whether it’s IT hot spot connections or voice-to-voice, call recording, or call forwarding, a Techtopia hardware engineer can help guide you through the process.


A Techtopia hardware network engineer will work with you and your organization for effective IT cybersecurity. Unfortunately, many in the healthcare industry are hacked everyday. We can protect against malware attacks, ransomware, and phishing attempts. Additionally, we also aid in DDoS attacks that can slow your network down with overwhelming traffic requests while hackers commit their online crimes.

Internet of Things

Today, there are many people living in the healthcare industry using IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as Apple watches, Fitbit, home security systems, and even automobiles using IoT technology. Having a Techtopia computer hardware technician ensures all of your IoT devices are secure and meet your business needs.


Techtopia hardware provides the latest in upgrades and solutions for valuable vendors combined with the option to lease hardware. Inquire about a Techtopia hardware manager for your hardware support IT services and see the difference our professional IT support makes.

SD-Wan/Bandwidth Services

Within the healthcare industry, many businesses require different bandwidths. Get the peace of mind you need with a Techtopia hardware design engineer that can assist with all of your methods of data transfer needs such as phone and internet systems. Depending on the service and speed you need, we can confirm your bandwidths.

Cloud Managed Services

Have a Techtopia hardware software specialist provide you with a wide range of cloud managed services. We offer managed cloud solutions like device or hardware failure while providing high-quality cloud managed services.

Hardware Support IT Services

Enlist a Techtopia senior hardware engineer to keep your IT hardware up-to-date while improving your business and its data and minimizing a myriad of threats and risks. SInce there are many hardware choices and a plethora of vendors, the path you choose can make a difference when computers crash if your hardware updates are not chosen wisely.

With Techtopia, you get added peace of mind. We understand when sourcing new IT hardware equipment is required and offer expert vendor management services for upgrades and common problems that occur when trying to leverage vendor relations to get the best deal for your IT hardware systems.

Prelude Lockbox™ security

Mobile device management

Desktop and device support

Vendor management

Latest vendor and security updates provided

Secure hosting of all applications and business software

Emergency equipment supplied for temporary solutions

Certified technicians

Hardware Solutions

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