As technology is advancing, hackers all around the world are adapting new ways for breaching business networks to steal thousands of confidential data. This is the reason why performing vulnerability assessments on a regular basis has become more important than ever. It’s also why IT consulting is critical for businesses.

A routine assessment will not only help you identify the blind spots in a network security system but also it will help you address them and further prevent a possible data breach or a cyber attack. Ideally, this process of evaluating the state of the network security to look for any vulnerabilities should be conducted by a professional IT service provider.

This is because there are various steps included in the entire process and every step should be performed properly. To know more about vulnerability assessment, technology audit, and other important information, let’s continue reading.


What is a Technolgy Audit?


A technology audit is a detailed evaluation process where the professionals thoroughly check the IT infrastructure of the business and ensure that the infrastructure is used properly including the policies and operations. Further, a proper audit will analyze how the organization interacts with its data and whether it’s stored securely or not.

In addition, when a technology audit is conducted by a professional IT service provider, it should also be able to identify the areas of improvement in an established IT infrastructure. It can help businesses to improve their IT practices and make great use of their investment in technology.

Ultimately, having your network secure from hackers is one of the ways to prevent malicious attacks and being held ransom or worse yet, having your company and customers’ private data breached. A technology audit by Techtopia will prevent such major catastrophes from occurring, leaving you with peace of mind.


What is a Network Audit?


A network audit is a technical process to analyze, examine, and collect important data about a business network with an intention of ascertaining its health and whether or not it matches an organization’s requirements. Basically, this audit checks the applications, policies, and OS for risks and security faults.

A network audit should always be performed by professional IT consulting services. During this systematic process, the IT specialists will analyze five different aspects of your business network.

These include:

  • Control implementation
  • Network security
  • Overall performance
  • Network availability
  • Management practices

Network audits are an essential part of your business’s infrastructure and play a critical role in how well or poorly your company is doing in certain areas or sectors such as sales, customer service, human resources, and more. When was the last time that your company had a vulnerability assessment?


Why Choose Techtopia for a Vulnerability Assessment?


Vulnerability assessment is a process that can’t be ignored if you’re a professional. Otherwise, you will leave all your confidential data at risk. Professional IT consulting services like Techtopia can help you identify potential risks and ensure the protection of your valuable data by performing a technology audit and network audit.

Further, if you’re looking for managed IT services to help your business stay protected, Techtopia has all the experts and required tools to help you out. We perform a vulnerability assessment to prevent SQL injection attacks, insecure settings, and other cyber attacks that keeps your business operating smoothly and productively.

For more information about how a technology and network audit can be a benefit to your business, contact us today and see how Techtopia can help your company grow and prevent disasters from occurring by conducting business on the world wide web.