Preventing Data Breaches

For businesses in Arizona, having a data breach in your company is a catastrophic event. Managed IT support Phoenix, AZ companies such as Techtopia are the best way to prevent data breaches from occurring. Cybersecurity companies are the fastest means to mitigate the damage caused by hackers and online crooks.

An online aforementioned report revealed that most data breaches take about 280 days before they are noticed, and by that point, the damage has been done. The cybercriminals have already accessed your company data and customer information, leaving you open for blackmail attempts and even holding your company hostage.

To learn more about preventing data breaches, the benefits of managed IT companies, and how to enlist the services of an expert Phoenix IT support company, continue reading.


What is a Data Breach?


A data breach is a movement of private or secure information that goes to an untrusted source. In some cases, it’s unintentional or intentional and could be one of your employees leaking information or a profit-hacker.

Other cases of data breaches include:

  • Credit card information
  • Company records
  • Customer information
  • Banking accounts
  • Network communications
  • Restricted data files
  • Company emails
  • Hospital records
  • Telephone records
  • And more

Since data breaches can occur in several different ways and take many different forms, your business needs to be on guard at all times. Having the best cybersecurity company Phoenix, AZ, Techtopia, employs a number of different preventions to protect yourself.


Tips for Preventing Data Breaches


There are some things you can do on your own if you’re tech-savvy or have an in-house IT consultant but for novice business owners, managed IT support Phoenix, AZ companies, deploy the best cybersecurity measures to prevent and stop cyber attacks and malware from happening.

Here are some cybersecurity prevention tips brought to you by Techtopia:


  1. Restrict Access

You should restrict access to certain employees who has access to your company data and set up password managers for those who are qualified to gain entry into your company’s IT infrastructure. For example, if you have 100 employees that log into your computer systems, there are 100 vulnerabilities.

Therefore, any one of them could be the one leaking information. Restricting access down to 10 people narrows the field down to the broken link in the chain. There are many ways you can restrict access to data like storing credit card numbers or creating different user roles to prevent cybersecurity attacks.


  1. Improve Security

Improving your security is paramount for preventing cybersecurity threats from happening. At large, it’s a robust and multifaceted topic that uses many techniques for improved firewalls, architecture, traffic restrictions and monitoring, routine updates, and VPNs that make a huge difference.

Managed IT support Phoenix, AZ businesses such as Techtopia will also evaluate your third parties because even a cursory connection can be an unsecured threat to your business.


  1. Train Your Workforce

Believe it or not, most data breaches today do not come from dedicated hackers forcing their way into your computer system’s best defenses. Rather, 88% of data breaches are caused by human error made by employees. All it takes is a social engineering ploy or one single successful phishing email to breach your company’s personal data.

Techtopia, the best cybersecurity company Phoenix, AZ has to offer, recommends the following:

Train your workforce to deploy the best practices and use simple measures that all of your employees can understand because sometimes, the simple methods produce the most powerful defenses against data breaches.

  • Establish hierarchies and protocols for improved security but finding out the steps you need to take for each worker and who’s responsible for each department can make a big difference in your security measures.
  • Educate your workforce on common cybersecurity threats that may lead to a data breach, how to avoid them, and emergency numbers to call for immediate IT security solutions like the department’s head of security.
  • Training your workforce is highly recommended by all top cybersecurity companies and saves businesses a significant amount of money and time from dealing with cybersecurity attacks.


  1. Reevaluate and Audit

Currently, there isn’t one data security strategy that protects your business against all cybersecurity threats forever due to the fact that technology is ever evolving. Managed IT companies understand that your organization grows when you add new employees and customers; moreover, it’s a good idea to periodically reevaluate and audit your data.

You also go through changes when you buy new devices and computers for your company while using different types of data, making some old methods obsolete. Keep in mind, that cybercriminals and hackers are highly motivated to steal your information and are always discovering new approaches and techniques to breach the best security measures and firewalls.

If your business wants to prevent data breaches from occurring on a regular basis, you will need to reevaluate and audit your campaign efforts. You can audit your team regularly by following the protocols you set in place and making sure that your best security practices are working.


Why Choose Managed IT Support Phoenix, AZ?


Techtopia’s managed IT support Phoenix, AZ company is the best source for all of your cyber security needs. We understand that data breaches can be time-consuming, expensive, and leave a permanent stain on your company’s reputation. We have the best Phoenix IT support technicians and trained staff to assist your every need.

With the best prevention against cybersecurity threats, most data breaches are preventable. Techtopia can work with your team members and train them as well to have your best chance at avoiding major security data breaches. Most companies learn a better defense against cyberattacks after experiencing one.

For more information and to see how top-rated cybersecurity companies such as Techtopia can help you to prevent data breaches, call us today or click here to fill out our contact form.