Two-factor Authentication (2FA) Explained

The widespread data breaches taking place every day are putting millions of confidential data including passwords and email addresses up for sale on the infamous dark web. Since most people use the same password and email addresses across multiple accounts, it becomes easier for hackers to access your personal information.


This is why cybersecurity companies advise businesses and individuals to use a 2FA or two-factor authentication to be safe from hackers. It adds a layer of security to any of your online accounts. 2FA can be enabled with Google, Facebook, or any other major online platforms that you use, including your sensitive and private information.

With 2FA users need to add other login credentials along with their basic username and password, making it more difficult for hackers to breach the data. Keep on reading to learn more about what exactly is a 2FA and how it protects you against online cybersecurity threats.


What is Two-Factor Authentication?


The good-old passwords and usernames aren’t secure barriers anymore against hackers. As technology is advancing, hackers are coming up with innovative ways to steal your confidential data. Meanwhile, 2FA increases your security layer by adding other login credentials for your accounts and prevents online attacks.


Uses Two Types of Information


It means hackers won’t still be able to login into your account or steal your personal details even if they crack the username and password. Basically, 2FA is a process of establishing access to any of your online accounts or computer system with two different information types.


Requires Specific Login Information


With 2FA users need to provide a knowledge authentication which is a password and a possession authentication. The latter dictates whether the user owns the specific device from which they’re trying to log in to the account. Since hackers can’t have your devices even though they have your passwords, it becomes impossible for them to hack.


How Do Cybersecurity Companies Help in This Process?

Even though there are 2FA and other superior security measures out there, people make mistakes, leaving their information vulnerable to online cybersecurity threats. As a result, confidential information gets hacked. In some cases, hackers can hack the entire device by installing malware on it, leaving your private information at risk.


There may be signs you may have been hacked but it’s important to take the best measures to protect your business against these hackers. Considering the number of cybercrimes on the rise, it’s important to know the benefits of a cybersecurity company, especially for businesses, and why Techtopia comes so highly recommended.


Here are some of the perks of cybersecurity service providers:


  • They protect against external and internal threats that may cost your business a million dollars in losses or more depending on the size of your company.
  • Cybersecurity provides comprehensive digital protection, enabling employees to enjoy safety, liberty, and flexibility to access the web.
  • Since a virus infection may negatively impact the overall workflow, a cybersecurity company helps you function at optimal while keeping everything secure.


Since the rate of cybercrimes and online threats is increasing every day, it’s significant to take help from professional cybersecurity experts to keep your sensitive information protected.


Critical Factors of 2FA


There are several critical factors of 2FA but at the end of the day, two stand out the most: it’s either something you know or something you have. A good illustration can be found in credit cards because it is a physical thing you have, and the second contributing factor is the pin number (PIN), something you know and hopefully remember.


When you combine these two leading factors, you significantly reduce the odds of someone going on a shopping spree on your dime and using your credit or debit card without your explicit permission. According to industry experts, albeit hackers obtain your password and username, two-factor authentication stops hackers right there.


To reduce online cybersecurity threats, deploy cybersecurity companies such as Techtopia to keep unwanted hackers out of your accounts. Professional cybersecurity service providers will notify you if a 2FA attempt is entered incorrectly and even if computer hackers try to circumvent this security protection.


You can be well-versed in the signs you may have been hacked but still can’t do anything about it due to a lack of expertise and knowledge in this area. Even with the streamlined security software solutions, your in-house business data are at a high risk of being attacked. This is why having cybersecurity service providers is a must.


Techtopia being a leading cybersecurity company Phoenix, AZ can not only help you stay protected against these online threats but also help you improve your security measures. Contact us today to discover the range of our services and other information.