Signs You May Have Been Hacked and What to Do

First and foremost, when it comes to the world wide web and the dark web that many unsuspecting people are unaware of, there’s a hidden universe that lurks in the darkness waiting to hack into your computer system, business, and life. Hackers like to gain access to computer networks by being invisible to the untrained eye.

Hackers do not want their victims to know they have accessed their system, so they can come back again undetected and cause some more damage or even use the built-in webcam to spy on you. This can leave many people open to an invasion of privacy and having their systems compromised with money withdrawals or even blackmailed.

To discover simple cybersecurity tips for business owners to see if you have been hacked and the trademark signs of a professional hacker, keep reading this hack.

What is a Computer Hacker?

According to the best cyber security company Phoenix, AZ has to offer, a computer hacker is someone who identifies a weakness in a network or computer system to gain access and exploit personal or business data. For example, cracking passwords with an algorithm to gain access is known as a computer hackerSince computers are required to run a business, they need to be linked or networked to work effectively, leaving Phoenix cybersecurity companies with an important mission: to prevent cybersecurity attacks. Cybercriminals utilize the internet to commit crimes such as stealing personal or corporate data, privacy invasion, and fraud.

Cybercriminals cost several businesses millions of dollars per year with lost revenues or system lockouts until a cyber ransom is paid to the hackers. This is where cybersecurity service providers come to the rescue and help companies protect themselves.


Simple Cybersecurity Tips for Business Owners

While trying to determine if you have been hacked, there are some signs and cybersecurity tips you can use to prevent cybersecurity threats.

Here are some simple cybersecurity tips for business owners:

  • Your Credit Card Was Used: Online identity theft can happen to anyone if not protected by Phoenix cybersecurity companies. If you notice purchases you didn’t make on your credit cards, it’s a good sign you have been hacked.
  • Newly Installed Programs: If you notice a new program has been installed on your business computers, and you didn’t install or buy it, there’s a good chance a computer hacker manipulated your system.
  • Strange Emails: There are many forms of email messages and while we know our contact lists, many emails get sent via spam folders that are caused by entering your email address on third-party servers. However, if you see sent messages you didn’t write, then you can know beyond any shadow of a doubt that your computer has been compromised.
  • Passwords Don’t Work: If your saved or trusted password doesn’t work anymore, it could mean that a hacker has accessed your system and changed the password. If that’s the case, you should change all of your passwords immediately.
  • Unauthorized Browser Activity: Unauthorized browser activity means that a hacker is using your computer as if they own it and you could get in big trouble if you don’t find a way to prevent the hacker from gaining access to your system.

One of the best signs and cybersecurity tips is signs of a computer virus. A computer virus can stop you from accessing the website you want and is a classic sign that a hacker used your computer and left.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Service Providers in Phoenix

There are manybenefits of a cyber security company Phoenix, AZ professional like Techtopia that can prevent and detect malware attacks. Malware can be placed by a hacker to stop you from receiving the latest antivirus or system updates. It can also make your computer operates at slower rates and impedes your internet connection.

Other cybersecurity tips and signs that your computer has been hacked include hackers using your bandwidth on an unsecured wireless connection to download and steal your company’s data. One of the worse things for a business to experience is compromised passwords because hackers can try them on different platforms to steal even more stuff.

Additionally, you may notice unusual disk activity, especially if you hear your hard drive making a whirring sound as it could mean one of two things: your antivirus software is scanning, or malware was installed looking for information to steal or simply to cause damage to your computers and network.


Stop Attacks With the Best Cyber Security Company Phoenix, AZ

Techtopia is the best cybersecurity company in Phoenix, Arizona. We have the best computer technicians that are experts at determining if a computer hacker has accessed your computer system and provide simple cybersecurity tips for business owners.

To see what Techtopia can do for you today, call us or fill out our online contact form for more information about cybersecurity tips and prevention applications.