Keeping Your WiFi Network Secure

Internet and Wi-Fi have become the most crucial parts of human lives. Most of our simple to complex activities rely upon an ultra-fast internet connection provided by a high-end router or wi-fi network. However, along with technological advancements, the number of cyber-attacks is increasing at the same pace as well.

Hackers attempt to exploit the flaws in security layers to get users’ confidential files and data and the Wi-Fi network is not an exception. Since the network of your Wi-Fi doesn’t end within the walls of an office or home and goes beyond these places, it might attract others within the range to access the network and conduct a range of illegal practices.

This is why Wi-Fi security provided by a professional internet security company is important to have to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your Wi-Fi and stealing confidential data. To know more about wireless network security tips, let’s continue reading this important piece of information.


Why is Wi-FI Network Security Important?


In today’s world, almost every person has an internet-connected device. Undoubtedly, technological evolution has been magical so far still it’s hard to neglect the fact that all these devices come with security risks as well along with your Wi-Fi network. Therefore, according to top-tier IT security consultants, it’s vital to take proper precautions.


Security Protocols


Generally, the experts consider following the best security tips like maintaining four security protocols WEP, WPA, WPA 2, and WPA 3 to prevent any data breaches. Further, to understand the importance of wi-fi network security, let’s take a look at the type of common attacks that can disrupt your business operation.


Data Breaches


It’s no big secret that a breach into your company’s Wi-Fi can cause a number of problems in your infrastructure and networking security systems with leaked passwords and sensitive company data as well as your customer’s payment methods. Meaning, in a world where hackers are looking to destroy you, keeping your Wi-Fi security is paramount.


According to reputable IT security consultants, the common attacks on Wi-Fi networks include:


    • Decrypting Password: It is a method of trial-and-error where the hackers try to guess the network password to gain access. Although this is an old-school method with technological improvements, attackers nowadays use software to automate the process and it increases their success rate.
    • MTM Attacks: MTM is a type of attack where the hacker tries to intercept private communications between the connected devices in a Wi-Fi network to spy on a user and steal personal as well as confidential business data. In fact, hackers can modify those login credentials and prevent your access.
    • Packet Sniffers: Basically, packet sniffers are software programs that constantly monitor wireless network traffic. Although packet sniffers can also be used with good intentions of providing users with proper content. Nevertheless, if it’s in the wrong hands, then it gets problematic.


This is the reason why professionals like internet security company Phoenix should be trusted not only for providing all the latest and greatest security tips but also for taking proper precautions.


Partnering With a Solid Internet Security Company Phoenix


To prevent cyber-attacks from disrupting your business operation and keep your organizations secured, it’s important to partner with a solid internet security company Phoenix. However, if you’re having a hard time finding top-tier cybersecurity service providers, Techtopia is here to help.


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