How to Secure Your Remote Workforce

remote workforce
If the Covid-19 pandemic taught us anything it would be how to shelter in place but it also set the stage for remote workforces worldwide. From major corporations to office workers, the outbreak affected almost every job out there. Almost overnight, more than half of the global workforce was forced into remote jobs from home.

According to an online report, three out of every five US workers were forced into working remotely during the height of the coronavirus. However, with the help of managed VoIP phone support services, most prefer working remotely even though restrictions are being lifted and mask mandates are a thing of the past.

Keep reading to discover more about managed VoIP phone support services and how it’s helping millions of employees, businesses, and enterprises stay ahead of the curve.

What is a Remote Workforce?

home office A remote workforce is a group of employees who used to work in an office setting and are now working from home performing the same functions as they did by going to the physical location of their jobs. This is when many executives discovered the benefits of a VoIP phone number with additional lines for their workforce.

Managed VoIP phone support services allow employees and businesses to stay in contact with each other as well as their clients. Since VoIP works over the internet, phone calls are not limited to premises like traditional landline telephones. Therefore, office functions and other business matters can be done on internet devices.

The Benefits of Remote Access and VoIP

One of the best ways to secure remote access is with a secure VPN connection because when you are on a public network, your information is at risk by hackers and system administrators. Having a private VPN keeps your information safe by creating a safe transmission between sender and receiver.

There are many benefits of remote access that support a broad range of applications while giving the users control over a strong firewall security. This next generation approach enables access on a secure network and remote user activity combined with the most practical communications made possible by VoIP service providers like TechTopia.

Here are some more benefits to managed VoIP phone support services for securing your remote workforce:

High-Quality Remote Access

remote access High-quality remote access offers end users the ability to have the resources they need on a secure network from a remote location. One of the most common features of remote access is providing employees with telecommunications to connect to company resources such as email services, internet, video, phone calls, and internal applications.

Remote access in the past was a service that businesses offered via dial-up modems. Companies started adopting these remote access methods to lower the expense of toll-free and long distance phone lines through the internet while connecting to public networks like traditional landline telephone service.

The rise of internet technology has changed how people and businesses work, especially with remote access provided by TechTopia’s VoIP phone service.

Virtual Private Network

Having a virtual private network (VPN) allows users to connect to other networks through the internet. This is done by encrypting connections from personal devices to the internet. It offers users a safe way to connect to your business network without actually being in the office or physical location.

A VPN provides remote workers to be an active part of the office without actually being there with the same connecectivity and security benefits. It is also based on a secure network line across all applications of the software whether on a public network or private data center.

Online Privacy

vpn Managed VoIP phone support services that provide VPNs, provides your business with online privacy and a more secure internet connection. VPNs can be used for a wide range of companies, governments, organizations, and enterprises. They offer secure remote access to the internet while offering the best security measures.

Your remote workforce can be protected against cyberthreats, malware, and malicious actors with the right VoIP service provider and VPN. VPNs can keep your employees location private while allowing users to safely browse the internet and encrypt data simultaneously.

Since the remote workforce is becoming more mainstream, enterprises and corporations across all business sectors are shifting away from office settings. However, workers still need a way to securely access data and applications to do their jobs. This is where TechTopia comes into play and provides expert remote workforce access via VPN.

Below are the two types of VPN:

1. Remote Access VPN: Remote access provides individual users to connect remotely from a central network and is often referred to as endpoints.

2. Site-to-Site VPN: A site-to-site VPN connects central offices to branch offices over the internet, especially when there is a significant distance between network connections.

There are many businesses that are now using a remote workforce and finding great success with managed VoIP phone support services.

Where to Find the Best Managed VoIP Phone Support Services?

Here at TechTopia, we provide the best VoIP phone service for businesses and enterprises searching for applications that secure your remote workforce. We offer the best customer service representatives that can help walk you through every step of the way to securing a VPN and keeping your business communications ahead of the race.

TechTopia has an expansive cloud management system, ensuring our customers with the best remote access on a range of devices that provides state-of-the-art firewalls and security protols with reliable communication connections, even if a power outage occurs, a VPN can keep you connected.

When you have managed VoIP phone support services, you have the best method available to secure your remote workforce. You get everything you need to stay connected to your business and employees as well as security alerts and suspicious login activities.

For more information about the best managed IT solutions and ways to secure your remote workforce, call us today or fill out our online contact form. We offer affordable VoIP solutions and secure network communications.