How Ransom Prevention Methods Keep Businesses Safe

Large corporations, government agencies, and individual users have to deal with the constant threat of ransomware attacks. Some unluckily businesses even pay thousands of dollars to top cybersecurity companies to recover lost data after a malware attack. As a result, business enterprises should be aware and guard against any malware.

There are various defense systems designed by top cybersecurity companies to counter unwanted malware. These include security tools such as antiviruses. A cybersecurity company helps protect businesses against malware attacks by detecting harmful sites. Users are therefore alerted before falling into the trap.

Read on to learn more about a ransomware attack, the main types of ransomware, and how to protect IT systems against attack.

What is Ransomware?

ransomwareIt is a type of computer malware that encrypts an attacked file and holds the victim’s information hostage. The attacker then demands a ransom before allowing access to the information captured.

Ransomware can cripple an organization’s computer operations because it is designed to attack databases and file servers, as well as spreading through the entire network.

Types of Ransomware

According to top cybersecurity companies ransomware varies in the level of severity, ranging from mild to extremely dangerous forms. Regardless of the level, ransomware still poses a threat to business organizations. Below are the main types of ransomware.

Encryption Ransomware

This is a lethal form of malware that snatches computer files, encrypts them, and demands payment to secure the release of the snatched files. It is one of the most dangerous forms of malware because if it infects a computer system, no security software can restore the file.


ransomware alertIt consists of technology-related scams and software designed to hack security protocols. It may appear as a pop message on your computer screen that prompts you to pay for the freedom of your attacked files.

However, if you have security software installed on your computer, you need not worry as your data and files are essentially safe.

Screen Lockers

A lock screen malware is dangerous as it locks the computer user out of his screen. This renders the screen inaccessible for use. An example is a full-size window that bears a fake FBI or the US Department of Justice badge.

How To Prevent Ransomware Attack

security alertTo prevent malicious attacks from ransomware, a business should contact a cyber security company for advice on proactive security measures. These will enhance the safety of shared data and information across a given network. Below are some defensive steps against a ransomware attack:

Regular Update of Programs and Operating Systems

A regular update of your computer’s operating system helps reduce your chances of a ransomware attack. When conducting program and windows updates, use security patches to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting any program vulnerabilities.

Caution When Downloading Online Resources

Unrecognized online resources and websites may be potential sources of ransomware. To minimize the risk of cyber attacks, computer operators should only download files and software from known sites. In addition, users should avoid clicking any links in spam folders because they may contain malicious programs.

A lock or shield symbol appearing at the address bar while browsing is a clear indication that the page is safe.

Keeping Personal Information Discreet

Cybercriminals sometimes use the personal information of unsuspecting users to create and send malware. When using online internet resources, do not be quick to reply to texts, calls, or emails from unrecognized sources.

Some cybercriminals deliberately install computer malware in storage media such as USBs. Using such storage devices exposes your computer to the risk of attack. Before using USBs and other storage media, you should verify their origin.

Installing Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is a computer program designed to prevent the entry of malware into a computer system. It can detect ransomware before it arrives and prevents unauthorized computer applications from executing any commands.

Computers used over a public Wi-Fi network are prone to attacks by cybercriminals. As a result, it’s recommended to use a virtual private network when in public places. A virtual private network will conceal your identity and prevent attackers from having access to your data.

Benefits of Top Cybersecurity Companies

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