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IoT Prototyping Services

IoT prototyping is basically an ideal way to build a product that can be deemed as market-ready. The reasons behind IoT prototyping may be endless from testing your product concept with the target audience and validating your cases to checking whether your technical requirements will match the expectation or not. 

However, when building a product for your customer, especially in today’s world where people are rapidly shifting from one to another, IoT prototyping offers you the best way to test your platform. It eliminates the chances of wrong guesswork that can be proved highly expensive due to the money and long time involved in this process. 

Here at Techtopia, we offer full-service IoT prototyping solutions from estimating data volumes, planning the primary and major components of the IoT solution, describing the scope of every component, generating a proper visual map of the IoT components and applications, and everything else you need to keep a well-balanced infrastructure. 

Why IoT Prototyping is Required?

IoT prototyping is used for understanding the drawbacks or pinch points of a product and to finally figure out the full stack IoT development parameters. When you’re building a prototype, it’s not a ready-to-market product but rather it’s a trial version that helps you visualize how your final product will work and what things you need to improve. 

In today’s technology-based world, designing software for the IoT applications and prototyping is one the crucial steps that need to be performed. Otherwise, you may end up building a product that no longer caters to the interest of users. However, it costs you time, energy, and patience as well as your hard-earned money. 

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What Are the Stages We Use for IoT Prototyping?

Every IoT product development goes through various stages of designing and reevaluating everything to ensure it fits the market. The journey is long but the stages are crucial to go through. When you have the support of an IT-managed service provider, you get the best of IoT combined with expert tools and experience.

The stages that we use for IoT prototyping include:

Proof of Concept

The first step of prototyping is the proof of concept where our development team checks the viability of your solution and the possible challenges that may occur during the product development. Basically, proof of concept is introduced to evaluate the subsystem’s performance and feasibility. 

The primary purpose of proof of concept is to check whether the theory you have developed for the product has any practical value or not. PoC usually is conducted within the first few days or weeks before the actual product development begins. This is one of the crucial steps of IoT prototyping. 

Alpha & Beta Phase

The two phases that we use during the IoT prototyping are the alpha phase and the beta phase. The alpha phase is an initial attempt that we make to design the final prototype as per the PRS or product requirement specification. It’s the first step that we take to make the product look and work like the final product. 

The next is the beta phase where all the design refinements of the alpha phase are properly incorporated. We prepare the product for the initial release and final testing. Everything is properly refined in this phase to ensure no major bugs are found when the product will be launched. 

Pilot Production & Final Product

The next two phases of our IoT development journey are the pilot production of the product and matured product. During the pilot production phase, we make all the refinements from the earlier beta phase and everything is incorporated into the product design. 

Next, the final product is sent to the product manufacturing team and some prototypes are produced for testing and trials. Since we have experience and expertise in this industry, Techtopia’s team makes all the arrangements during the IoT prototype session to produce a ready-to-use product for the market. 


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