FCR/First Call Resolution Rate

Achieve a high FCR rate by integrating with modern IVR technology

First Call Resolution Rate

For a call center to run successfully and deliver great customer service, it needs to measure its real-time FCR. FCR is basically the first call resolution rate or also known as the first contact resolution rate that measures your business’s ability in terms of resolving customer questions, or their needs when they reach out. 

When you have a high FCR rate, it means your customer queries are getting resolved within the first interaction without any further follow-up. Therefore, people won’t have to reach out regarding the same problem multiple times and ask for help. Further, it leads to greater customer satisfaction and business growth over time. 

Here at Techtopia, we help you achieve a high FCR rate by integrating with modern IVR technology. Our IVR technology is designed with conversational AI as well as voice recognition that quickly analyzes a caller’s intent and helps them with a proper answer. Thus, the caller’s problem gets immediately resolved, leading to a high FCR rate. 

Why is FCR Deemed Crucial?

FCR or first call resolution rate is deemed highly crucial to a business’s success because it’s directly linked with customer satisfaction rate. The higher the FCR rate you have, the better customer experience you provide. When it comes to an effective IT solution combined with IVR technology management, managed IT services make perfect sense.

There is nothing more damaging to a company’s reputation than a disgruntled customer who had a bad experience contacting your business. They can never call you again as a result, or worse yet, they go on social media and light you on fire with negative comments and more may not use your services or buy your product as a consequence.

The reasons why it’s deemed crucial for businesses include the following:

You Can Retain More Customers

When a business is known for providing good customer service, then the customer retention rate gets higher. Generally, the reason why people refrain from taking your services or using your product is due to poor quality customer service. However, when it’s improved, you can have exponential business growth with a high retention rate. 

Still, providing such a superior experience when it comes to resolving customer queries isn’t an easy task. Especially, if you’re a start-up, you will need enough qualified manpower to resolve people’s queries within the first interaction. This is where we are here to help with our intelligent virtual agents and interactive voice response system.

Improve Your Agent’s Performance

When there’s a large influx of inbound calls, it becomes difficult for customer care agents to manage such a high volume of work that overtakes their best ability. This can negatively impact their productivity as well as customer satisfaction rate. Nevertheless, with Techtopia’s FCR services, your customer query is resolved within the first interaction.

We use high-end AI and machine learning technology that recognizes customers’ voice and understands their concerns and find out a relevant solution for them. Therefore, your agents can help resolve more queries within a short period of time and become much more productive for your company. 

Provide a Superior Customer Experience

Customer experience is the key to success for every business. Whether you run a product-related business or service-related, customers will face problems at some point in their life. It may relate to your product’s usage, features, benefits, troubleshooting, or anything that typically occurs when running and managing a business with phones. 

In such cases, when a customer frustratingly calls your agents to resolve their queries and it takes a number of follow-ups to finally resolve it, it seriously impacts a customer’s experience. People will no longer want to be attached to such brands that don’t understand their concert. This is why we are here to help you with our technology. 

How Can We Help You?

Techtopia is a Managed IT and cybersecurity company in Phoenix that has been providing services for several years now. As innovations in communication are beckoning mainstream in today’s life, we have integrated AI, IVR, and voice recognition to lead our way into the future. 

Without intelligent technology, we are able to hear a customer’s emotions like anger, frustration, or anything and promptly connect them to an agent for more assistance. Therefore, it reduces the dropped call numbers and improves customer experience.


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